WordPress Development

Amber Hinds

Why WordPress?

Because copy/pasting content is boring.

Lots of resources for learning.

Open source.

Large collaborative community.

What is a WordPress developer?

Someone who...

Builds & sells commercial software products.

Works in-house on a single WP website.

Builds/modifies WP websites for clients.

Combination of coding from scratch, modifying someone else's code, and clicking buttons in a CMS.

Modifying WordPress

Check out the "core" files - know what's there...

but don't change it!

With every WordPress update, most of these files get overwritten.

When WordPress updates, your safe zone is:

  • .htaccess
  • wp-config
  • wp-content directory contents
  • any non-WP files you have in the root

WP devs build themes and plugins.


Control style only (best practice; not always reality)


Control functionality and (to some degree) style

Jargon and Other Things To Know...

"Posts" & "Pages"

"posts" = blog posts - content related to one another by category/tags (taxonomies) and by date

"pages" = stand-alone content that may have a hierarchical relationship to one another or none at all - more static

Actually it's all the same

...they are all stored in the same table: wp_posts

Extra details about content is stored in wp_postmeta & is linked by the post id

Custom Post Types

Create your own as a way of better organizing content...

  • staff
  • portfolio items
  • products
  • recipes
  • and more...

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Mini programs/tools that can be added to repeatable areas of the site - header, footer, sidebars, etc.

  • Found under Appearance > Widgets
  • "Widget Areas" are created by the theme
  • "Widgets" can come from core, plugins, and/or theme

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A way of adding macros - code fragments - in the body of a post or page

shortcode with attributes in WYSIWYG editor

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Theme Development

Themes live in /wp-content/themes

More than a skin - the front of the website will literally not function without a theme.

Themes control the look of the website and also pull content out of the database.

Themes can be:

  • Stand alone & static
  • Part of a framework - they update!
  • Child theme, adopting most styles from a parent theme

Themes contain

  • Stylesheet - style.css (+ index.php are bare minimum for a child theme)
  • Functions file - functions.php
    • enqueue stylesheets & scripts
    • Add features - widget areas, custom image handling, etc.
    • Set up options for users
  • Template Files - PHP source files used to generate the pages requested by visitors, and are output as HTML

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Plugin Development

Plugins add functionality or modify functionality of WordPress

Some plugins modify the functionality of other plugins.

Plugins live in wp_content/plugins
...and don't even have to be in a directory.

Looking at a basic plugin

Enable Contributor Uploads

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Podcasts/Hangouts on Air

Other Resources

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